Tasneem Kabli

I like how you colored and drew tiny sketches on your mind map. Though a mind map is already a visual form of expressing your thoughts and ideas, I believe it added even more to this visualization strategy. I even had memories and experiences that were triggered by seeing these tiny images!

I wish you were more specific on how the subtheme of recycling could be researched or improved upon. Though we all know of the importance of recycling, many of us fail to do so without the task being excessively easy or minimal. Perhaps you could have discussed how to resolve this issue.

What if you provided a solution for the medication subtheme as well? I also have personal experience seeing how difficult it is for someone who needs to take numerous medications to keep track, take on time, continuously re-order, and refill their medicine container. For instance, perhaps a solution is a system that could more easily connect the physician to the pharmacy and remove the need for the patient to handle all communication between the two as well as physically pick up the medications.

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