Kaleen Tu

I like that you included the name and the price of each product inside the actual 2x2s. It was very descriptive of the brands and current solutions in each space. I also liked how in your survey, you provided a sketch but also a detailed description of what each product would be able to do. I think it adds a lot to have both aspects in the questionnaire.

I wish that you talked about the reasons people provided for desiring or not desiring to purchase each product. It would be interesting to see what people said, especially for the reasons not to, since it could point to potential improvement.

What if you combined your Augmented Reality Glasses with the Sound Localization idea? For example, if the glasses determined your point in space while a computer calculated the localization and continually corrects it through external speakers? Another combination could be if the glasses themselves could incorporate a domed design that houses its own internal speakers.