Marshall Moberg

I like you addressed the issue of griefing in your interviews by first asking if they had experienced it, but then also asking if they had griefed themselves. I felt this showed how negative behavior by others can influence future behavior of players. I also enjoyed how you used your experience opportunity to engage in griefing and analyzed how this impacted other players’ performance and enjoyment of the game.

I wish that your unpacking was easier to understand without having to read the description of why you placed each note in a certain position. Although it was very clearly explained below, the pictures themselves didn’t provide a clear flow.

What if asked the people you griefed how they felt by your actions during the game? It would be really interesting to see what they had to say and whether they would forgive you if you stated the purpose. This may provide insight into whether players are more accepting of others’ actions if they understood the reasoning behind them.

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