And this is my huge concern.
Marc D Anderson

Actually one of my favorite things with SPFx is that we get rid of the scripting possibilities in sites. From the enterprises I work with there are huge costs associated with custom scripts added to pages, downloaded from arbitrary blogs etc. Costs for upgrades and supports are driven by these “customizations”. This puts a huge amount of clients at a very big risk.

To you 99% adding scripts to get the job done, I would say of the 99% of the scripts I see in my clients environments they have no idea how they work, are are made etc, and when they try to adapt them to their situations things are breaking.

With all respect to you Marc D Anderson, you’re an expert in this field and I know that you can make it work in a professional way, but you’re not doing 99% of the script embedding in pages. Like, even though I could trim my car or fix my broken fridge by watching a video on Youtube, I would not do it — I’m not skilled enough, I will void any warranty, I would also probably put myself in danger.

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