We introduced a workflow for read/unread group messages
Apologies if you don’t feel like you’ve been listened to.
Steve Nguyen

This is a part of the problem. These (actually) small things have been requested for years. Yes, for three years there was radio silence from the Yammer team while slow moving behemoths such as SharePoint continued to do innovation. And yes, over the last few months you made some improvements and changes – but where’s the innovation.

Where’s a proper search (yes, it is needed), where’s proper profile sync with the rest of Office 365, where’s a responsive layout, where’s a coherent design with the rest of Office 365, where’s basic integration with Delve for instance, etc etc – all these are hygiene factors that we expected years ago.

A product that previously led this area are now way behind competition and the users, and the distance is increasing…

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