High — Tech Launch of WIDEX EVOKE in India, World’s first Machine Learning Hearing Aid


Widex India launched WIDEX EVOKE on July 2nd, 2018 in the city of lakes, Udaipur. The hi-tech launch was witnessed by more than 200 customers coming from various parts of the country.

A large contingent of audiologists witnessed innovative and unique series of learning and promotional engagements that not only dazzled them but also created right awareness and positioning for WIDEX EVOKE. The 2-day launch event included didactic as well as innovative practical sessions. An in-depth presentation around WIDEX EVOKE was followed by some very innovative workshops, wherein the participants were divided in a group of 40 each and attended 4 parallel sessions:

WIDEX EVOKE Movie Theatre: A rocking red carpet premier of WIDEX EVOKE filled with excitement and fun inside a real movie theatre. The customers were treated with attractive branding, popcorn, soft drinks accompanied by an amazing WIDEX EVOKE Movie.

Neumann Head Demo: Supported by HQ, a highly engaging and interactive demonstration of WIDEX EVOKE to the participants.

Experiential Zone with VR sets: VR stations for demonstrating how Machine Learning works in real life.

App stations: A live workshop on APP demonstration to make the customers familiar with the EVOKE app.

An engaging day peppered with fun and learning followed with a super charged launch of WIDEX EVOKE Launch via Helicopter Drone in the evening filled with high-on-energy customer engagement activities.

The glimpses of the launch is captured in a short movie for your viewing.