But the real insight here is that these DIY killers maybe going after the Wordpress killers, while Wordpress didn’t need killing in the first place. Most of these website builders launched 10–12 years ago as Wordpress killers, which at the time, was just clunky, open-source CMS for blogs. The pitch was that Wordpress was too complicated, while DIY editors were easy of use with no coding skills required.
The death of DIY website editors has been greatly exaggerated

Hey Dave, it’s interesting to read your take on site builders versus existing CMS platforms.

I’d like to point out that this particular graph is not right. The fact that you are searching for the word “wordpress” is what breaks it. You should try instead searching for “wordpress developers” or “wordpress sites” or anything that would suggest a user is actively looking to create a WordPress site.

What you did is search for the word that is also associated with WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins, WordPress installation and many, many other wordpress things that come with this platform, that users are looking for.

Once you calibrate your search, you’ll be surprised at how competitive this landscape actually is.

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