One to One Tutoring Reflection

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Feedback is one of the parts that might help learner(s) to improve their performance. This kind of improvement also helps me to improve my writing skill to make a paper based on Mathematics issues. Since the TLM class had a midterm examination, we were required to do the one-to-one tutoring and every student needs to make an essay with a topic that we like to fulfill the exam.

At March 24, 2017, I did my one-to-one tutoring with Miss Puti (Dhitta Puti Sarasvati) and I brought my essay draft entitled “What is Mathematics?”. I was really surprised with the essay that I made before because it sounds silly that I have had written my essay with 1100 (something) characters like that. But… After I did my tutoring with Miss Puti, I found so0o0o many errors:(. Miss Puti said that my essay draft is arranged randomly and still not related yet to the topics that I choose. From those 1100 (something) characters, can be estimated that only 300 (something) which can be used. Miss Puti gave me some suggestions that help me so much to revise my essay. Moreover, she also teaches me how to write an essay in good order including make an outline before starts an essay. She checked on my essay patiently and detailed if there is something wrong in my essay.

Furthermore, this kind of feedback can help me to improve and support my essay not only for this subject but also in the other subjects. Moreover, I got so much useful knowledge from this one-to-one tutoring.