Questions ? Or Statements.

I’m an emotionally unstable mess but this is too long for a title

This nothing to do with what is about to be written, our could possible be, depends on how you depict it

The simplicity that is my being is complicated in every humanely way possible.

Indeed, this paradox of a life makes me question a lot of things;

If good is bad and what is surely bad can become good why do we bother trying to fix what is not broken when it only mends itself through the stream of relativity that is time?

If I dream of a better tomorrow but live to dread another day, am I constantly dreaming of despair in hopes that hope will come or am I just hoping that the despair is swift?

You see, my mind is everywhere and nowhere, constantly intertwined with thoughts of everything and nothing as if it were a whiteboard being erased instantaneously.

What is this

Probably rubbish but some sense in this nonsense. But then does that truly make it logical even though it’s written under illogical guise