U.S. Senate Candidate in Iowa calls taxpayers entitled, accuses them of shedding “crocodile tears”…

Misleading partisan rancor.

“The Iowa House of Representatives passed a bill 82–14 to stop the looming tax hike in Iowa.”

It’s not a tax hike. No one is raising taxes. No one is adding a new tax. This tax already exists in Iowa tax code.

It’s “coupling” the Iowa tax code to match some business deductions to the Federal tax code. As noted in one of the articles you linked to, this has been approved every year of the last decade except for 2008. Also, this is one-time coupling, not permanately matching the Iowa and Federal tax codes for this particular issue.

“Gov. Terry Branstad supports the measure and even acted to extend the tax deadline as Iowa Senate Democrats continue to drag their feet.”

Gov. Terry Branstad does NOT support the measure. From the same Register article you link to:

Branstad said Friday he is willing to consider conforming Iowa’s tax code with certain federal tax changes, but only for one year. The House would use money from the state’s ending balance to replace lost revenue in the budget. The governor said the state can’t make the changes permanently because it would not be financially sustainable. (emphasis added)

Instead of cherry-picking quotes, let’s have an actual conversation about the tax code. Sounds like the actual Legislature is having that conversation. You only want to try to make people look worse.

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