My Top 10 LEAST FAVORITE Movies of 2015

Jason Wiese | Dec. 31, 2015

Overall, 2015 was a great year for movies. These films, however, are not, in my opinion:

10. San Andreas - I mainly want to include this Dwayne Johnson-starring earthquake PSA disguised as a B-movie because I want to make it known that it is so hilariously stupid that I still managed to have fun with it.

9. The D Train - Jack Black stars in his most awkward and laughless comedy yet as his attempt to get popular former student James Marsden to his high school reunion does not end in his favor.

8. Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials / Insurgent — I decided to rank these sequels to YA novel adaptations equally because they are pretty much the same movie anyway.

7. The Wedding Ringer — With a better screenplay, better jokes and better, well, everything, the chemistry between Kevin Hart and Josh Gad could have made for a fun movie instead of this waste of time.

6. Project Almanac - Take one part 2003’s The Butterfly Effect, two parts MTV music video and one part the misogyny of producer Michael Bay and you have this insult to a young filmgoer’s intelligence.

5. Vacation - A remake/sequel/reboot of the 1983 comedy classic that has already been ripped-off countless times.

4. Poltergeist - If you are going to remake one of the most terrifying supernatural thrillers of the 80s, make it scary for spirit’s sake.

3. Chappie - You had one job, Neill Blomkamp. You were supposed to make the exciting, futuristic technological commentary you promised instead of this infuriating, obnoxious piece of child’s play that now makes me want to vomit whenever I see another robot.

2. The Lazarus Effect - Oh, was this story of scientists aspiring to bring the dead back to life supposed to be a horror movie? I laughed the whole time.

1. Fantastic Four - I prefer the 2004 original. Enough said.

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