The crew over at Tilde started the year with a new somewhat uncommon policy: new parents (mothers or fathers) could bring their immobile infants to work with them. Your new little one was (is!) welcome to tag along to work until six months, or until they start crawling. The first baby started hanging around the office in February, and we’ve been happily off to the races ever since.

Admittedly, since we work together, my husband and I started researching the topic somewhat selfishly. …

Not shockingly, while I started this the day after EmberConf, it sat around for a while. I’m awake again now.

EmberConf just ended, and I’m still feeling both high and low. These are independent and unrelated emotions: there are things I’m so pleased with, and some things I’m so determined to do better next time!

Overall, the conference was a super amazing experience. I always like to joke about how EmberConf is a little gathering of 1,000 of my closest friends, but it’s not really a joke. There are so many great people I get to see and meet at…

User Groups can be the bread and butter of open source technology communities, especially when they’re fledgling. You’re playing with a new tool, you’re excited and eager; what better way to solidify your interest than to go out and meet other excited users? So let’s talk about how to get your first user group meetup up and running!

At the very basic level, it’s totally sufficient to gather 4–5 interested folks in someone’s office or living room, order some pizza, beers if you’d like, and casually chat about the things you’re passionate about. …

Leah Silber

CEO at Tilde | EmberConf, RustConf and RailsConf Organizer | Ember.js Core Team member, retired jQuery Core Team Member | All around technophile

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