I write it for the future: how to inspect web contents shown on Android devices with Google Chrome.

Development environment

  • OS version (PC): macOS 10.14.2
  • Google Chrome version (PC): 71.0.3578.98 (64bit)
  • OS version (Android): Android 8.0.0
  • Google Chrome version (Android): 72.0.3626.76

How to do

  • Enable USB debugging in Settings > System > Developer options on the Android device
  • Install Google USB Driver on your PC (if you use a Windows machine)
  1. Connect your Android device to your PC with a cable
  2. Confirm the push notification, USB debugging connected, on the Android device
  3. Open the URL on your PC: chrome://inspect/#devices

Our contributions are visualized as “turf pixels” on the profile page in GitHub. Previously, a new web service, Pixela was released. We can get turf like graphs via these APIs.

I visualized my contributions history of GitHub Wiki with Pixela graph.

photo by Dariusz Sankowski

Learn more about usage: Useful case examples · a-know/Pixela Wiki

Why did I try it?

This is a note about settings to use git push with 2-step verification GitHub account without using Terminal.
In this article, I used GitHub Desktop (as a GitHub client) and Atom (as a text editor) instead of typing on Terminal. (I guess that you can replicate those steps by other applications which is familiar with you.)

This article is for non-engineers who need to use Git reluctantly, so I write only the minimum steps.


  1. get GitHub Personal access tokens
  2. create .netrc file on your home directory

Get GitHub Personal Access Tokens

You should get your personal access token from [Settings] > [Developer settings] > [Personal…

It’s a note for QA staff or tester how to build iOS application on your device from Git (GitHub) repository. In this article, I assume the following:

  • The reader of this (hereinafter “You”) are not a iOS application developer
  • You should check your team application on Apple device
  • You have your Apple account
  • You can ask your team Admins to invite you to your team project
  • You can access and clone the Git (GitHub) repository into your computer
  • The schedules of your project is so tight and you don’t have time to take other desirable ways (ex. …

Hi, developers and QA staffs. In this article, I write how to use SIP call with the native phone app (com.android.phone) on Android devices. This function is provided to Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher.


You’ll need these steps to use SIP call:

  1. register the account informations to your device
  2. enable the account to make SIP calls from your device
  3. enable your device to receive SIP calls

You should register the account informations to your device when you want to use SIP call, at first. …

It’s a memo for myself and I write about how to uninstall updates of Google Play Services (in other words, how to replace Play services with the factory version).

Google Play Services provides some core feature for Android apps and so that we should care users who use older version. If we want to check behaviors of our products with older Play service, we should try after uninstalling updates of it.

It is assumed that some errors occur after uninstalling that. (ex. logged out any application, disabled to sync data, or so.)

  1. open “Settings” > “Apps” > “Google Play services”

Hi, Software Engineers and QA Staffs. I worked to test some feature of our product which use Bluetooth connection last week. In my work, I had to know my Bluetooth headsets and speakers support which profiles. So I‘ll write how to know that with MacOS.

photo by pixabay

About Bluetooth Profiles

If you could understand what “support which profiles” means, you would not need to read this section.

I dare to say roughly, each Bluetooth devices support some ways to access or control paired devices. …

Hi, application developers and QA staffs.
I’m belong to an Android application development team as a part-time QA staff. Today, I’ll tell you 4 things I actually asked developers of my team.

As a premise,

I didn’t develop as my job this some years but I developed and released few Web applications privately. My team required:
- who can make communications in Japanese and English
- who can explain bugs with sentences
Unexpectedly, I have also:
- a little old knowledge of Android application development
- the experience of team development on agile process with Trello, Slack and GitHub.

This article may be…

I joined a startup in January and worked as a part-timer for one month. I write what I feel now.

Shin-Takarajima steps

My position and work

I work as a QA staff of Android application. I am in the office on weekdays except Wed.

My daily work are:
- to check tasks assigned by engineers to me on Trello and Slack.
- to test new build version with some devices (KitKat — Nought).
- to write and update test-sheets.
- to tell problems to engineers on Slack and add cards on Trello.

How the company treat me

I joined as a part-timer (not as a regular employee) but any members…

Hi, Android App testers. It’s a memo about when I use ADB as a App tester (instead of as a developer).

Install Android Studio, At First

Some years ago, we could install “Android SDK” without any IDE. But now, installing “Android Studio” is easier than installing SDK alone.

Use ADB on “Terminal”

If you use ADB on “Terminal”, you should form the path to the platform-tools in Android SDK. Command:

export PATH=$PATH:/Users/${user_name}/Library/Android/sdk/platform-tools

Use ADB on “Terminal on Android Studio”

“Android Studio” has the Terminal pane (default viewing the project home directory) and you can use it (instead of macOS Terminal). But you can’t use ADB on it initially, so you should form the path as said above.

Wife of Villon

A lazy housewife / My name comes from the work of a Japanese novelist

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