How to Build iOS Application from Git Repository (FOR QA STAFF)

It’s a note for QA staff or tester how to build iOS application on your device from Git (GitHub) repository. In this article, I assume the following:

  • The reader of this (hereinafter “You”) are not a iOS application developer
  • You should check your team application on Apple device
  • You have your Apple account
  • You can ask your team Admins to invite you to your team project
  • You can access and clone the Git (GitHub) repository into your computer
  • The schedules of your project is so tight and you don’t have time to take other desirable ways (ex. to provide by TestFlight or DeployGate)

In addition to the above, these experiences or knowledges would help you:

  • to install Android apk on your device by ADB commands
  • to use any IDE


  1. Register your Apple account to the Developer account
  2. Ask your team Admins to invite you as a Member
  3. Install Xcode
  4. Clone your team repository with Xcode
  5. Set up your Apple account on Xcode
  6. Connect Apple device to your computer and build your project

1. Register Your Apple Account to the Developer Account

First, you should get your Apple Developer account. You can register your Apple account as Apple Developer account.

2. Ask Your Team Admins to Invite You as a Member

Next, you should ask your team developer to invite you as a member of Apple Developer [People]. You’ll receive invitation E-mail after he or her adding your (Apple) developer E-mail address to project.

3. Install Xcode

Download and install Xcode. If you don’t need to use Xcode Beta, you can get (normal) Xcode from App Store.

4. Clone Your Team Repository with Xcode

When you launch Xcode first time, Xcode would show the view like below. After your click “Clone an existing project”, Xcode would open the new window. You can get source files and open the project after typing URL of Git repository.

You can clone and open your Git project with Xcode
You can add your team repository URL

5. Set Up Your Apple Account on Xcode

Now, you can open your team project with Xcode but it may have some alert. Open your project directory by click the left folder icon on the top of the left pane.

You can open the “Account” view by click “Add Account…” and type your Apple (Developer) ID. Then, alerts would be removed.

Xcode would ask you give your Apple Developer account
Click “Add Account…”
Type your E-mail address

6. Connect Apple Device to Your Computer and Build Your Project

Now, you can run your project on preset simulators or your real Apple devices. Connect your device to your computer and choose it, click the triangle(play? run?) icon. (You can know the progress of building on the center box.)

Header of the main view of Xcode

After that, you can build and try the newest sources by git-pull. (In my case, I use GitHub Desktop to control repositories. Try your familiar way.)

Ex. Get Logs of Running

You can read log files of app running on your device with Xcode. Open Window > Devices on the toolbar and click View Device Logs.

You can control devices and simulators


Of course, those ways which I said at first (TestFlight, DeployGate…), would better than these steps for QA testing, so it’s the last way. However, but our release schedules are (often) hard. I wish success on your release ;)

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