How to Know That Your Bluetooth Device Supports Which Profiles

Hi, Software Engineers and QA Staffs. I worked to test some feature of our product which use Bluetooth connection last week. In my work, I had to know my Bluetooth headsets and speakers support which profiles. So I‘ll write how to know that with MacOS.

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About Bluetooth Profiles

If you could understand what “support which profiles” means, you would not need to read this section.

I dare to say roughly, each Bluetooth devices support some ways to access or control paired devices. For example, a headset might support to ways “to listen audio sounds” and “to control sound volume”, “to send voice by microphone”, etc.

There are many profiles regulated but some of them support same behaviors. I said about a headset above, some old headsets support only HSP (Headset Profile) to listen audio sounds but newer headsets support also A2DP (Advanced Audi​​o Distribution Profile).

If there are some differences between implements for upward profile and backward one, we should be care about it.

See more: Traditional Profile Specifications | Bluetooth Technology Website

One Way to See the List of Profile Your Bluetooth Device Supports with Mac

It’s the way to know profiles which your device supports with a MacOS machine.

At first, pair your Mac and Bluetooth device. After that:
1. Click the Apple icon
2. Click “About This Mac”
3. Click “System Reports”

Click “System Reports” on “About This Mac”

You’d be able to get some information of devices which are paired to this Mac by Bluetooth from the node, “System Reports” > “Hardware” > “Bluetooth”.

“FozentoFt1” is a headset and it supports HFP and HSP

Of course, it would be better to get its users manual but manuals of cheep devices (like earphones) are sometimes poor. If you should know your Bluetooth device information, try this way.