How to Release Your WebSite on GitHub

Hello, Web Designers or Holiday Programers! It’s me, wifeofvillon.
Today, I tell you how to release your WebSite (e.g.: portfolio site, dialy…) on GitHub.

Your Goal

When you try this way, you release your master branch as website on http://{accountName}{repositoryName}/.

Why use

When you release website, you may think about web server and own web domain. But you should need effort and money to manage them. Also, in many case, rental server and AWS are overspec for personal use.

Using GitHub to release your portfolio site is tell visitors you could use GitHub.

What you need

You need:
- GitHub account
- Any application to control git(CUI or GUI)
- Any application to build web pages

1.Build index.html

At first, build index.html. (I used Atom.)

Build index.html simply

2. Commit and Sync to GitHub

Next, git-commit and sync GitHub. (I used GitHub Desktop.)

Git-commit using GitHub Desktop

3. Change Setting Your Repository

After first commit, access your repository page and open “Settings” and “GitHub Pages” section. (You can use not only master branch, but also master branch/docs.)

4. View your!

So, you can view your!

5. Edit and Commit!

My first commit is so simply, so I arranged using Materialize.

I like Materialize(CSS Framework)
View arranged index page on Google Chrome

First step is finish here!

My sample page:

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