How to Uninstall Updates of Google Play Services on Android Devices

It’s a memo for myself and I write about how to uninstall updates of Google Play Services (in other words, how to replace Play services with the factory version).

About “Google Play Services”

Google Play Services provides some core feature for Android apps and so that we should care users who use older version. If we want to check behaviors of our products with older Play service, we should try after uninstalling updates of it.

It is assumed that some errors occur after uninstalling that. (ex. logged out any application, disabled to sync data, or so.)

How to Uninstall Updates of Play services

  1. open “Settings” > “Apps” > “Google Play services”
  2. tap “uninstall updates”
  3. agree to system messages
Steps to uninstall updates of Google Play searvices (Galaxy S4)


  • This flow is sometimes interrupted by some applications. (ex. “Android Devices Manager”, “Google Pay”, or so.) In this case, you could do after disable these applications. (Of course, you should make these enable after uninstall flow.)
  • If you choose Japanese as default system language, it is called as “Google Play 開発者サービス”.
  • On newer Android OS, you can find this option from the kebab which top-right.
Uninstall Updates option from the kebab
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