I Released Web App Supporting “Great Writers and Alchemists”

Yesterday, 26 Mar. 2017, I Released Web App to Support for Enjoying the event of “Great Writers and Alchemists” (“Bungou-to-Alchemist” in Japanese).

[unofficial] BunAl “Gakumon-no-Susume<SAKURA>” Score Sheet

About This Web App

This Web App:
- Logs total scores for each characters.
- Previews progress of the event on the graph.

I use libraries and frameworks:
- jQuery: to operate DOM
- Chart.js: to draw BarChart
- Materialize: to realize “Material Design”


Why Did I Develop It

I am a lazy housewife (as written on the profile) now. So I wanted to know:
- How long I can work as a Developer?
- Can I plan, develop and release a product with my technical skill?

I logged my work time. So I knew I can work only 30 hour par week or 5 hour par day. Now, It’s my limit of physical fitness and mental strength.

But also I proved I have skills to plan, develop and release a product by myself. I’m so happy even if my app looks like too legacy.

Next Actions

I have known my limit of strength (physically and mentally) and technical skills, so next, I make actions:
- Rewrite my code with ES6 and React
- Learn to manage my own conditions
and more…

That’s one small step other developers look, one giant leap for a lazy housewife.(Respect for Neil A. Armstrong)

Special Thanks

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