Tips to use “Web Server for Chrome”

Hi, Front-end engineers and Web designers. I tell you some tips to use Web Server for Chrome a Google Chrome extension.

If you develop web app using browser-datastore, Cookie and Web Storage, you should need web server. This extension behave as Web Server easily.

Specify document root

You can specify document root only choose directory.

Clicked Web Server URL(s), document root will be viewed on Google Chrome.

Basic Options

When you test on other machines on same local network, you should check Accessible on local network and restart. You’ll get new URL (e.g.

When you want to set index.html to DirectoryIndex (on Apache’s httpd.conf e.g.), you should check Automatically show index.html.

You can change enter port as you like (e.g. 80).

Advanced Setting

You can use advanced options like above image.

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