You are no different than a Trump supporter
Andrew Patricio

Ah, yes we all do use filtered information, but I’d say the filtering is pretty heavy on the Clinton side as well. Here’s what you have to overlook to be a Clinton supporter:

  • Potential incompetence in Bengazi affair (note I am not accusing her of actual wrong doing, but the handling calls )
  • Potential of accepting foriegn bribes through the Clinton Foundation
  • Known adultery by Bill Clinton, probable rape on his part and probable cover up by Hillary
  • Known discarding of security procedures on email by Hillary Clinton as secretary of State. She should be in jail by now for that alone. She is a traitor to US security based on that alone.
  • Warmongering with Russia, paranoia of them to point return of cold war or actual war.
  • Hanging out w/Donald Trump
  • Endorsements by the Bush family

I don’t know. Most people determined to pat Trump supporters on the head have noticed we’re mostly overlooking: a)vulgarity and b)vulgarity. Trump doesn’t seem to lie, even if you don’t like what he says.

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