Security in Public Restrooms

If you are looking for a Wifi IP camera, you need look into the security cameras found at Amcrest. Security in restrooms should be a number one priority for public facilities and having IP cameras in them is one way to help with the security in the restroom.

Public restrooms can create security problems if they are not managed properly. There are many ways that public restrooms can be made safer and more secure.


Many times, restrooms are placed in out of the way locations so that they do not consume valuable floor space. For good security, restrooms should be placed in highly-visible locations so that the entrances can be directly observed by employees and other customers. When designing a new restroom facility, security should be considered when planning the locations of public restrooms.

Using Wifi IP Cameras

IP cameras can be used to view and record activity in restroom corridors. The cameras can also be used to other areas that leadup to or are adjacent to the public restrooms. Having a recorded video can be useful in investigating security incidents. The camera feeds that are viewed live can be used to detect suspicious activity occurring around the restrooms and action can be taken immediately. These cameras can also be used in conjunction with an intercom system and remotely-operated locks that will allow the unlocking of doors only when the customers are actually standing outside of the restroom.

It is not recommend that IP cameras be installed inside of the actual restrooms. You may find some facilities that have done this and claim that the security cameras are positioned in a way that they cannot observe private areas of people in the restrooms; this is just looking for trouble. You want to stay away from installing the cameras actually inside the restroom. If you do this, you are going to be looking at privacy issues. If may be very well likely that is it actually illegal to place security cameras inside the restroom, depending upon the laws of where you live. If you want to stay away from legal issues, only place the Wifi IP cameras in the hallway leading to the restroom or directly outside of the restroom.

Alternative Designs

Some public restroom designs are providing unisex toilets rather than sex-specific toilets. They also provide hand washing facilities located in a common area outside of the toilets. The hand washing facilities are typically placed in open, unlocked areas that are just outside of the toilets. Both sexes are going to use the same hand washing area. Not everyone is going to like this but it may be worth a try.


If you are looking into the security of your public restrooms, one thing that you need to look into is the use of Wifi IP camera. The cameras can help to make sure restrooms safer but they need to be installed either in the hallway leading to the restroom or just outside of the restroom facility.

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