How to watch your favourite movies and TV shows free

It is very easy to add new channels on your Roku TV or Roku streaming player from Roku channel store, it is kind of same process when you install a new application on your Smartphone from an “app store”.

You may have to purchase or may subscribe to some channels; some let you watch free movies and TV shows, these days Roku devices allow to access Those Roku Channels, in which users can enjoy movies and TV free of cost without Roku link code.

Now you can search free channels on your Roku device from The Roku Store.

· To start the free process click on the ‘home’ button.

· Take a thorough look on the menu and then, choose ‘Streaming channels’.

· To enjoy the most viewed free channels, select ‘Top Free’.

· Choose your favourite channel and click ‘OK’ button to see more.

· To install the channel that you have selected, just click on Add channels.

After downloading your favourite channel, you will see the list of new channels which is under the home button on the main screen of your roku device, To see your newly added channels, you have to go down to the bottom of your channel list.

Watch the free channels from Roku Channel Store on the website

Now you can explore a list of Roku ‘channel page’ by directly jump to the “Top free” section. Select your favourite channel and follow the steps to add that channel. You will have to enter Roku link activation code for every channel.

Note: suppose you have added a new channel from the web, it will not going to be visible immediately.

· If there is the addition of new channel, then Roku device will automatically refresh after 24 hours.

· Tap on setting button and then system after that go to the system update and in the end check now.

Now enjoy the movies and TV shows absolutely free through broadcast television

Now you can enjoy free “over-the-air” TV broadcasting from nearby TV stations, your location should be near to the TV station because it is all dependent on the area you live.

For more information about “over–the–air” just visit on ‘How to setup Roku’ page from Roku official site.

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