The easiest and simplest way to achieve your dreams.

There’s always a simpler, easier and quicker way to do anything in life. Learning new languages, getting in better shape, buying your dream car, changing your habits, overcoming your fears, discovering great places across the world etc… These are a glimpse of all the things you can do in a short time and with less effort than you thought.

To achieve it, you will of course need a great dedication; but still, you can simply share your wishes.

For sure, many people in your surroundings or in the world have already realized it and will share with you pieces of advice, concerns they faced and even they will offer you what you desire so much.

From now, you can easily receive the perfect gift for your birthday, your wedding…as well as the support of your family and friends to attain your life goals.

Wiftt is the place where you gather things you want and share them with your family and friends.

What can you do with Wiftt?

1- Create or import your pieces of wishes

Just add what you want — be it a tangible thing, living an experience, sticking to a resolution, or even a crazy dream—to your Wifttbook (notebook where you can file your wishes in categories). You can also import your wishlists from another websites or apps.

2- Share your wishes with your friends

Choose whom you would like to share your wishes with; family only and some friends, or everyone? It’s up to you! You can also share them on Facebook and other platforms.

3- Discover ideas

We all need to change our lives’ routine sometimes. You can discover on Wiftt many ideas about things to do, to experience, to get or to see, that people share every day.


Talk with people who have the same goal or wish as you and those who have already realized it.

We are getting ready more features.

Wiftt is launching very soon. We are working hard for Wiftt to be a user friendly, agreeable and social tool that you will use day-by-day to improve the quality of your life.

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