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Saturn is a decentralized exchange protocol that is remodelling cryptocurrency trading — imagine an exchange architecture that is built for the people and governed by the people. It is a decentralized exchange DAO which is compatible with all EVM blockchains. Their main mission is to create a fairer future for cryptocurrency trading, one where every trader knows he is operating on an equal platform. Where the market data cannot be rigged and his account can not be suspended. Every trade is made completely on-chain and every transaction is recorded on the blockchain.

Today we will however be focusing on how to trade WIIG tokens on

To Trade WIIG and other crypocurrencies on saturn using your computer,the following steps needs to be followed.

  1. You need to first install saturn wallet. Follow this guide HERE to know how to properly install saturn wallet for your browser
  2. Create a new saturn wallet or import your existing wallet through the Mnemonic seed(12 seed phrase)

3. Look at the network you are operating on. There are two(2) networks on saturn wallet, ETH network and ETC network so choose the one you want to operate with depending on the tokens you want to trade on. WIIG works on ETC network so for this training, choose ETC network

4. Once you are logged in, you will see a picture like the one below

5. If you have WIIG in the wallet address you logged in with, just click tokens and then add tokens. Fill in the information below to see your WIIG tokens

Token contract address : 0x876A68D9efbc3CadaA886e9868D93737035F717C

Token symbol : WIIG

Decimal : 8

6. If you do not have WIIG in the wallet address you logged in with, simply import the address buy clicking the icon in the picture below

7. Next you either import your wallet with private key or Json file

8. Once you are done, open on your browser and your wallet information will automatically be imported into the exchange. Click on any side of the arrows in the picture below to trade ETC assets including WIIG

9. To create a buy or sell order, follow the arrow in the picture below

With that we have come to the end of this post. Feel free to ask admins in the telegram chat room if you still need help.

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