How to get more customers

You’ve created a product. It meets a legitimate need. But how are you going to bring it to market?

Rob Walling once told me: “making something people want isn’t enough.”It’s true. Once you’ve launched a product, you need a steady stream of people lined up to buy it.

I get hundreds of emails from makers who have built a product, but can’t find customers. Why is it so hard?

Markets are noisy

The biggest problem with most markets is they’re filled with noise.

There are established players who are already flooding existing channels with ads, articles, keywords, and social media posts. Your “new thing” is a drop of water in a rushing river: you’re downstream before you know it, and nobody even saw you go.

Rising above that noise and getting noticed is hard.

Your audience isn’t enough

You may already have built up an audience. Maybe you have a beta list, followers on Twitter, and people watching your blog. Awesome! That’s an important first step.

However, if you want real market share, sending a tweet to a few hundred followers is not going to cut it.

Having an audience is a nice kick starter. But then what? At some point you have to learn other marketing skills or you’ll plateau. — Rob Walling, Drip

Focusing your marketing on your own small following is like hooking your business to a small steam engine.

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