My younger friends from the same high school with me invited me to a Whatsapp group. It’s an interesting group, in the sense that most of them non mainstream muslim. Well, according to our high school standard.

You know, my high school years wasn’t as fun as today, but it was life changing. During my first to second year, I began to know Islam seriously, although it’s from Wahabism lens. I didn’t know any better at the time, so I thought it is the one right true way. I had an argument with my mom :(. And I thought it’s good.

Alhamdulillah, it got better for the other half of my high school. I was introduced by my best friend to another way of understanding Islam. Well, sure it feels better because it has more moderate view. But, it’s highly political. It makes me feel like we are in constant ideological war against the west. I keep in this organization during my college year, until something terrible shocked me. It wasn’t that terrible actually, it was just the last straw.

So, despite my absolutely zero contribution to the society wellness, I was very critical at the time. I was dissatisfied by the fact that this Islamic organization becoming more and more corrupt. I joined this Islamic political party because of “The Magnificent Seven”, the first seven DPR members from our party that are known as “The Untouchables”. But, by 2008, it is clear to my that this organization going to wrong direction.

The last straw was when my spiritual teacher, offered us a way to enter a ministry where the minister is from our party! I was disillusioned. This is so unbelievable! OK, let’s say that it was a fake offer. (I said this because one friend doubt if there is such thing at all). The fact that everyone else but me think that this act acceptable is so… wrong. These people are … so … . I can’t describe them.

I left. I live my work life, marriage life, mostly happily. With a good amount of stress. Until about two years ago, when I find Rumah Fiqih Indonesia. Fiqh is “only” about practical matters. It solves people problem for practical things, like how we do shalat or shaum. What food to eat or not to eat. But, this organization is a little bit special to me. They are not perfect, but their approach intrigues me. Usually, for any question they will answer with arguments from four madzhabs (fiqh school of thought). Most of time, they avoid answer with one direct answer and leave it to the reader to have their conclusion. This approach inspires me a lot, make me to do another journey with my religion. I began to read Quran again. I started to understand the whole context of ayahs. I am more open to different opinions. I am becoming more liberal, and I like it.

So what is SIMOKAL? It is how I tried to name our WhatsApp group. Solidaritas Islam Moderat Radikal. How come I put moderate and radical in one phrase?! Because, I use the original meaning of radical, from radix which means root. Because, I am in a new journey to dig deep in Islamic root, with moderate outlook and open mindedness.

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