Hycinth, Trivandrum

About Hycinth:

HYCINTH is a premium boutique hotel that offers a distinct and refined hospitality experience in the heart of Trivandrum. The hotel aims to revolutionise conventional notions of hospitality with contemporary sensibilities and innovative design choices. The artistic touches that are an essential component of the hotel’s personality combines loud colors and soft shades, immersing the guest in a playful environment that aims to excite and engage.


Hycinth was using traditional guest internet management solution since its inception. The old solution was getting utilized in integration with property management software, WINHMS. Management was consistently facing issues with guest authentication and thus…

The answer to How is WiJungle different from other existing Firewall/Gateway products?

This is the most common question being asked by channel partners and end customers to our sales team and hence we thought to answer and present the clear picture of WiJungle appliance here.

To start with lets understand the fundamental difference first -

There are two different class of products in this segment which are currently available in market.
A) A Security appliance like Next Gen Firewall (NGFW) or Unified Threat Management (UTM).
Products falling under are Cyberoam, Sophos, Fortinet, Checkpoint, Dell Sonicwall, Watchguard, Palo Alto etc. …

Team WiJungle

WiJungle is a NextGen Firewall & Hotspot Gateway appliance that seamlessly manages and secures the network infrastructure of businesses across the globe.

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