Wordmark.it to Preview All Your Installed Fonts

If you’re a font lover and have loads installed on your machine, then you probably spend ages scrolling through a huge list of fonts trying to find the right one for your next project. We’ve all gone through the tedious process of going font by font, trying to remember which one looked acceptable. That’s where Wordmark.it becomes part of your design resource toolkit.

Wordmark.it is a free web app which scans your computer and displays text of your choice using all installed fonts on your machine. The tool was created by Fahri Özkaramanlı, a freelance visual communication designer. He created the app to aid in his own design process by quickly displaying previews of any text with the fonts installed.

You can preview the fonts in a positive print (black text on white background) or negative (white text on black background). You can also increase or decrease the font size with a single click and isolate any number of fonts by selecting them. The name of each font is displayed underneath its sample and all fonts are displayed in alphabetical grid order. You can also drag and sort the order of previews in selections to compare similar fonts side by side.

How it works?

Wordmark.it detects the fonts installed on your machine with the help of a simple Adobe Flash script and displays the results using HTML and JavaScript — if you don’t have it enabled in your browser, the app won’t be able to render your fonts.

Choosing the ideal typeface for what you are trying to communicate can be frustrating with the available font browsing interfaces. Wordmark.it can speed up the design process considerably.

Have you used Wordmark.it or any similar tools that you would recommend for designers? Let us know in the comments below!

Originally published at wikiblinks.com on April 29, 2015.