Show Notes: Episode 004 — Getting the Police Called on Us

This episode was recorded in Manchester-by-the-Sea.

Our guest this week goes by Black Ben Barson, like Ben Carson, but black, and with a B if you’re rollin’ with bloods. She’s from Dorchester, MA. This episode was supposed to be about Donald Trump Jr and all that crap, but instead we follow tangent after tangent, starting with Denzel and move through harsher topics like Philandro Castle and raising a son with autism.

Enjoy! Show notes below. The second-half show notes are included, but are part of the patrons-only premium content.

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Free Episode Show Notes

0:00 Intro

We chit-chat about Larry’s kids and then introduce the show and our guest, Black Ben Barson, an “actual black person.”

1:58 WHATS THE DEAL with the MBTA?

We talk about the recent Keolis project to install 75' WiFi towers in vacationland. Crunch Dog bemoans people who complain about the MBTA and we share a story about an idiot asshole who crawled under the train because he was late and on the wrong side of the tracks.

4:55 Denzel Washington

We talk about The Taking of the Pelham 123 (and also Unstoppable, we think?) John Q, Deja Vu, Malcom X, and Training Day. If you love Denzel like the WikiLeaks on Weed crew does, you know that this only scratches the surface.

Around 9:29 we start straying away from that towards Liam Neeson, Christopher Lambert, and Sean Connery.

10:49 Our First Attempt to Talk About Donald Trump Jr

We get distracted quickly away from that though to first talk about the time Gary Johnson pretended to die of weed on stage. Then, we move to Jeff Sessions and how he hates weed and Dominicans.

In the middle of that, around 13:30, we learn that Ben Barson doesn’t know how to use a carb on a bowl and then she coughs a lot. lol. That’s over around 14:44, and then I finally reference this thing that Jeff Sessions said about the KKK.

15:50 Flat Earth Interlude

Is Jeff Sessions a flat earther?/? We explore this and other concepts surrounding the flat earth conspiracy. This picture is funny though. This picture pretty much sums up the Flat Earth Conspiracy, which… well… yeah…

17:34 Our Second Attempt to Talk About Donald Trump Jr

Here’s the Louis CK clip where he talks to Rumsfeld about being a Lizard Person:

Then we talk about Desert Storm, and share 9/11, as well as alternate endings to the movie Flight 93.

22:05 Black Ben Asks Us If We Actually Know Any Muslims.

…and Larry does: his cousin’s gay lover. So does Crunch Dog, incidentally, even though he didn’t remember. More on this later. Turns out it’s more chill to be gay. No ladyboy slander!

22:50 The Cops Come!!

So we move to private property, which, incidentally is within a stones throw of the actually police department. The police are absolutely on to this podcast. They LOVE IT.

27:20 Our Third Attempt to Talk About Donald Trump Jr

And we don’t really get much further but Black Ben brings her A-game with an analysis of Donald Trump Jr’s Face: “He looks like he eats mice.”

29:20 Crunch Dog Tells His Arrest Story

He went to jail for OUI drugs (smoking weed in the car) but then he got off on the “white boy in his prime” defense. Larry hints at his own record, we talk about rehabilitative punishment, and then leading into Black Ben getting to share her experience in America.

34:50 Guys, It’s Time For Some White Privilege

Black Ben challenges the hosts about their white privilege. We cover police encounters and the ACLU’s “advice” on what to do when you get pulled over. Black Ben reminds us of the story of the Central Park 5.

Premium Episode Notes

0:00 Rockport, MA as Sanctuary City

Larry reminds us of a recent incident in Rockport that leads us to the discussion of a recent Rockport bylaw to be a “welcoming place.” Of course, Crunch Dog took to Facebook to deal with it.

3:50 Richard Spencer!!!!

Yeah, not much to say here. Keep making him cry, we think. It’s ok to punch people in Trump’s America, right? Here’s the video that Black Ben references where they’re sieg heiling like a bunch of dumbasses.

6:02 Black Ben, What’s Really Good?

Finally, the real meat of the episode. We get to speak really frankly with Black Ben about the state of affairs in America, and what it’s like to raise black son with autism in Boston, MA.

The idea of police genocide gets brought up and challenged on the basis of poor police training, but it ends up being a great discussion of the topic.

The big important detail that we land on that we : OJ killed those people.

13:40 Black Ben Will NOT Tolerate Any DMX Slander (but SERIOUSLY why do people like DMX and Aaron Hernandez still do crime?)

People like DMX, et al still commit crimes after they’re multi-platinum selling rap artists. Why? Black Ben won’t tell us, but it has something to do with gangs. Due to Black Ben’s insistence, this doesn’t last a minute.

Larry’s mom’s Facebook feed confirms what we all now know to be true: Aaron Hernandez was on PCP and was also gay. That probably had something to do with it.

18:18 Our Fourth Attempt to Talk About Donald Trump Jr

Will anything happen because he self-owned by posting those incriminating emails on his Twitter?

20:04 Bill Cosby

Crunch Dog questions the idea of a “mistrial” and then Larry reminds us how weird the fucking end of so many episodes of The Cosby Show were when he would mix in his “special sauce” and then people would go upstairs. WTF on all counts??

Here’s the 10 minute Hannibal Burress Morpheus Rap. Then, Black Ben has to pee.

22:56 Will Smith is Gay? And a Scientologist? What?

Except he’s not. Sorry about that. Well, maybe he’s gay, but there’s no evidence that he’s a Scientologist. Also, we get to hear the sotry of Larry’s broken foot.

24:23 Black Ben has to Bust out! Let’s Wrap Up…

…but first, let’s talk about the Native American experience too! Why not! This is where shit gets intersectional! Crunch Dog has some experiences to share from his time in Americorps in Fort Thompson, South Dakota, and it turns out that Larry knows a bit about South Dakota too!

The point is this: the “war on poverty” as it were, is real, and people die from it.

29:50 Intersectionality

Black Ben talks about the various spectra of oppression and such. Here’s what an “Actual Black Person” has to say about intersectionality as a concept and also shares a lot of her personal history too, which is chill.

33:33 Newton, MA

Black Ben explains Newton to the audience who aren’t familiar and then Crunch Dog shits all over it because they mistake her for her other black friend a lot.

Then we get disturbed again by a guy taking a piss. Larry and Black Ben talk about vaping and then she asks us about Cape Ann.

39:22 Cultural Italians are the Minorities in Cape Ann

It’s true, look it up! Crunch Dog talks about his Uber driver who is culturally Italian AF.

Then we circle back to Newton and sign off.

These show notes are brought to you by the Libertarian Party of Ohio, we guess.