Native apps are powerful in every way. Being able to develop them both for Android and iOS from a single codebase is a huge advantage. When looking for a cross-platform framework many options are laying ahead of you: there is Xamarin using C#, CodeNameOne using Java and React Native using JavaScript (and probably more I did not yet explore).

React Native allows you to build native apps the ‘React’ way (If you are more an Angular type-of-person, take a look at NativeScript).

Since React Native was open-sourced in 2015, more and more developers took advantage of this new piece of…

Almost every website or web-application uses routing. Discovering a website by changing its URL is a very powerful feature that comes standard with the web. How all of this is handled can vary a lot between different websites and web-applications.

All websites and web-applications, whether they use server-side or client-side routing, are accessed from a server. How a website or web-application responds to different URLs is commonly handled server-side, although with the rising popularity of JavaScript frameworks, other ways have been found to manage routing.


Routing is the mechanism by which requests are connected to some code. It is essentially…

Not too long ago, WebAssembly (or wasm in short) reached support in Chrome Canary. It really showed its power through this demo. But what exactly is wasm? Will you use it? Will it take over Javascript?

What is WebAssembly?

The purpose of wasm is to define a portable and efficient binary format that web browsers understand.

“WebAssembly is a new portable, size- and load-time-efficient format suitable for compilation to the web.” —

Wasm is basically a new low-level language that you don’t write, but simply compile to, unless you really want to get to the bare metal. …

Codepen is a website that allows you to write frontend code. This means you can write HTML, CSS and Javascript directly in your browser. A single project on Codepen is called a ‘pen’. You might think that it is not that productive by writing these little pens. I will show you why Codepen is awesome and why you should use it.

The frontend landscape is ever changing and it is not getting any easier to stay up to date. As a frontend developer you don’t have an easy job. There are new frameworks and tools coming up almost daily. That’s…

Mamp is a handy tool for developing php websites locally. Links and urls will break often when working without a vhost. By adding a vhost you will avoid this problem. Furthermore, you will also be able to determine your own project root, which helps a lot when working on web projects.

The files that will need editing are opened with Atom from the command line. If that’s not your cup of tea you can replace the atom commands with “nano” or your own preferred text editor.

host file

Open your host file by pasting the following in your terminal:

atom /etc/hosts


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