Published: 20. September 2019
Author: CaissaTeam

As one of the biggest tech hubs in Europe, Berlin has both a distinguished community and a packed schedule. So, if you are looking for ultimate networking opportunities or would like to attend a bunch of talks and workshops within a few days, all you need to do is to pick a conference.

Published: 02. August 2019
Author: Olha Halat

(Note: This article was updated on 15th August 2019 with a note on requirements for an EU Blue Card.)

Published: 17. June 2019
Author: CaissaTeam

Photo by Charlie Solorzano via Unsplash

Finding tech talent in Berlin can be a real struggle. New companies emerge all the time and the established ones are rapidly growing. At the same time, talent is scarce and the best professionals all seem to have jobs. So, if you are thinking to get some help from external technology recruiters, you are heading in the right direction.

Indeed, hiring a recruitment agency can help your organisation attract good engineers and developers in Berlin and beyond. …

Published: 21. May 2019
Author: Konstanty Sliwowski

Photo by Paul Skorupskas via Unsplash

I was recently reading an article by Steven Finkel with regards to the correlation between recruitment practices and the quality of staff an organisation is able to attract and retain. In this post, I wanted to look at the points raised by Steven and add my thoughts to them in order to tackle the 3 most common misconceptions about using professional agencies and executive recruiters.

It is no secret that, as Steven writes,

“executives depend on the quality of their staff to achieve their corporate and personal career goals”

or “the best jockey…

Take the Survey, win stuff, and help us make recruitment & hiring in Berlin’s tech more meaningful

Take the Survey:

Hey there!

We at Caissa would like to invite all Berlin-based developers, engineers and tech professionals to take our annual survey (till 10th June, 23:59 CET).

With this questionnaire, we’d like you to share your experience with recruiters in Berlin and what your hiring process with Berlin’s tech companies was like.

The findings will help Berlin-based companies to improve their hiring practices, which, in turn, will ensure a smoother recruitment experience next time you are looking to make a career move.

And we can’t emphasize it enough: every single response matters!

Caissa Survey 2019

Why are we having these surveys?

We did a similar survey last…

Published: 09. April 2019
Author: Wilbur von Biscuit

Last week, Caissa was happy to be a part of Talent in Tech, an annual recruitment forum organised by Mindspace. In one of the event’s blocks, “Tech Professionals vs. Recruiters: How Software Engineers experience recruitment in Berlin,” our Tech Recruiter Ewelina Kuzmicz spoke to three talented Senior Software Engineers about their experience of being recruited by tech companies in Berlin.

[The discussion was inspired by our last year’s survey findings. This year, we are doing the survey again, so feel free to share your experience of getting a job in Berlin here…

Just a handful of days are left till the end of the year. Looking back at 2018, we’d like to sum up all the beautiful, silly, and insightful things that we’ve done, experienced, participated in, created, enjoyed, laughed about, learned…

New in 2018

→ A new Team member (Lily) + one more 👤 to start in 2019 (stay tuned!)

→ One of us got married 👰 and another one had a baby born 👶

→ We did 1 Survey 📜:

→ …and 1 event 📢:

→ Our Team had two big gets-together in Berlin 🎉🎉 (and fell in love with the city even…

On December 6, we hosted an amazing panel discussion titled “Hiring in Tech & Candidate Experience: Utopia vs. Reality”.

We are grateful to those who helped us to make it happen — the lovely Mindspace team, all those who attended, and our wonderful panelists:

Now, we would like to make a…

Wilbur von Biscuit

Chief Wellbeing Officer at @caissaglobal in Berlin. Publishing stories on behalf of the Caissa Team. (Recruitment, job search, talent market, and more)

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