Why Silica is better charater

It was on the day the OS charaters came out i Really Wanted kirito OS from the New ordinal scale but got silica OS

Augmented Tamer Silica is the newest unit introduced (February 2017) in Memory Defrag. She is from the Ordinal Scale Scout Banner, in celebration of SAO’s new movie.

AT Silica can be considered as a ‘great pick’ in the current event quests rolled out in the game. Players on both JP and GL version can have her as their team’s main player at the same time. Her stats are pretty well balanced and can survive in various quests later on. Her ultimate skill, the Draconic Stream casts multiple critical attacks against her targets. AT Silica’s HP will be automatically healed at a certain period as her attack rate increases. She can serve as your additional killer, especially in Rank Quests.

  • Our Ranking: S Unit
    • Rarity: 4★
    • Attribute Type: None
    • Weapon Type: Dagger
    • Way(s) to Obtain: Ordinal Scale Scout Banner

and not Kirito OS AFTER 250MD Pull /:

Kirito OS

Anyways i found out that silica was way better because kirito OS had only this about him to say:

Hero’s Return Kirito is an upgraded version of all Kirito units in the game today. In my opinion, he is the best in his character line so far. His overall stats is pretty well balanced as well as his sword skills. His ultimate skill depicts a dual-wielder Kirito as he slashes his enemies back and forth. The ulti’s buff is extremely useful in beating mobs, quests or rankings.

• Our Ranking: S Unit
• Rarity: 4★
• Attribute Type: None
• Weapon Type: Single-Handed Sword
• Way(s) to Obtain: Ordinal Scale Scout Banner

• Ultimate Skill: Augmented Kinetic Accelaration
• Ultimate Skill Passive Effect: HP Recovery, ATK Increase

Basic Statistics:

• HP: 9,560
• MP: 228
• ATK: 3,441
• DEF: 1,910
• CRIT: 2,870

Battle Skill (Passive):

Damage Up Against Non-Elem Units/Monsters
30+ Combo: Damage +10%
ATK: +12

Then the Ninja QUEST CAME OUT and I got AGAIN SILICA but this one

Dragon Caster Silica is a character appeared in the March 2017 Banner, Deadly Beautiful Kunoichi. This is her very first Magician-type Unit introduced in SAO Memory Defrag.

DC/Ninja Silica holds a Support-Type Stats, Sword and Battle Skills. She is a good support to her co-Ninja Units due to her healing ability. She is the only one who has this power in this banner. Her SS3 is called Kagebunshin Ryusei. This ultimate skill allows her to summon clones of her dragon, Pina, that breathes fire towards her target. This is a single attack but send multiple damages. She also gains a crit ATK and movement SPD boost afterwards.

  • Our Ranking: A Unit
    • Rarity: 4★
    • Attribute Type: Dark
    • Weapon Type: Wand
    • Way(s) to Obtain: Deadly Beautiful Kunoichi Banner