Women Empowerment Expo: An Interview with Founder, Alexa Carlin

With so many ways to acquire new skills these days, more professionals are sharpening the saw by finding interesting ways to get ahead of the game. Webinars, ebooks, podcasts and Youtube and other e-learning platforms are just some of the ways you can grow your knowledge base and wheelhouse of skills.

If you are looking to make the most of your learning experience while building life-igniting relationships and create momentum that can change the course of your career, you might be surprised to learn that LIVE, in-person workshops are the BEST way to learn, network, and create and share content.

Here, I interview conference creator and youth speaker Alexa Carlin about her upcoming conference in South Florida, Women Empowerment Expo:

Wilda Prévil: For those who haven’t heard about you, please tell them about how Alexa Carlin stepped to the stage, both literately and figuratively, and began showing up in a big way?

Alexa Carlin: I’ve always had big dreams of changing the world through my entrepreneurial endeavors. I started my first business when I was in high school where I donated a percentage to help build schools in Africa. This then led to me to starting the non-profit Hello Perfect® while in college and working to inspire women to gain confidence in themselves. On this journey towards inspiring others I fell extremely ill senior year in college. My body went into septic shock and I was induced into a medical coma given a 1% chance of living. After this, my perspective on life changed a lot. I started sharing my story and journey with others and I realized how much your story can positively impact the lives of others. As I began showing up for myself and others authentically and vulnerably I realized how many people aren’t doing the same. They’re hiding behind their fears, insecurities, and doubts. It is my mission in life to inspire and empower others to dream big and believe in themselves. Through my social media channels I’ve spread this empowering message but I knew more needed to be done and so the Women Empower Expo was founded by myself and my good friend, Kyle Michaud who is also the Founder of The Yoga Expo.

Alexa Carlin, Founder of the Women Empowerment Expo

WP: As the creator of #goodvibetribe who are the kinds of people that you want to join that movement?

AC: Everyone and anyone… but specifically, positive people who are ready to make a difference in their own lives and the in the lives of others! The Good Vibe Tribe was created by myself and my beautiful community of followers I have on social media. You can join by following me on Periscope, Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook: @AlexaRoseCarlin!

WP: What do you want someone who has NEVER been to WEX take away from the event?

AC: October 15, 2016 will be the first ever Women Empower Expo taking place in Fort Lauderdale, FL! I want women to feel more empowered and inspired than they’ve ever felt before. I want them to feel connected to other women and create a community of collaboration versus competition. I want women to feel like they can truly make a difference in their own life and in the lives of others through doing what they love.

WP: What does WEX provide that was missing from other conferences and networking events?

AC: We highlight the business owners, entrepreneurs, speakers, teachers, educators, influencers, and attendees. We highlight the women that are making a difference. I think that’s missing from a lot of other expo’s and conferences. You see speakers highlighted but what about the innovators who are exhibiting their products at the event? They have a story too of why they started that healthy juice company or now sell handmade jewelry or created a YouTube channel. We highlight the women and that makes the Women Empower Expo more than just an event but a worldwide movement.

WP: Is there a theme or focus on this year’s event? If so, what inspired it?

AC: Empowerment! When you empower someone you are giving them the authority or power to do something, you’re giving them the confidence in controlling their life. We want to empower women all over to stand up for what they believe in and know that they are worthy of living a life they love.

WP: As attendees, we only usually see the glitz and glam aka the marketing of an event. No one knows the E true Hollywood story. What crazy BTS story do you have while putting together this year’s event?

AC: Haha, great question! To be honest though, it’s just been a ton of early mornings, late nights and of course HUSTLE. Being that it’s a first year event, we have to make people see our bigger vision and believe in what we are trying to create. I think that’s been the hardest part. Most sponsors and exhibitors want to see analytics from past events before they invest. What has been so great about this though is finding companies who are truly on board with empowering women through their work. For example, our fashion show sponsor, Boston Proper, they came on board before anyone else because they are committed to empowering women through fashion.

WP: I find WEX to be incredibly well curated; you’ve got presenters from all over. What are some of the criteria you were looking for in a speaker’s applications? How could their media kit have jumped out at you?

AC: Thank you! I’m a speaker myself so to be honest, I didn’t look at anyone’s media kits. I didn’t want to pick people based on a long list of past speaking engagements but rather, the story and message they want to share. We were looking for speakers from all different facets of life from professionals to young entrepreneurs to mom’s who are now business owners. We want our educators to really have a positive impact in the lives of our attendees and so we chose based on workshop idea and social media influence which shows us how they are spread their message to the masses.

WP: You’re one busy woman. WEX is only 1 of a few BIG projects. Please tell us more about the other wonder things you’re working on.

AC: That is true! While right now my focus is on growing the Women Empower Expo as we have booked our next event to be in Washington D.C. on May 27, 2017, I am also booking speaking engagements at universities and conferences as well as working on writing my memoir!

WP: Where can we go to find out more about the bomb things you’re doing?

AC: Visit WomenEmpowerExpo.com to be part of our events and AlexaCarlin.com to see where i’m speaking next or to inquire on how to bring me to speak at your next event!

And make sure to grab your tickets to the 2016 Women Empower Expo here!

WEX 2016 flyer

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