What Do You Always Buy Online?
Megan Reynolds

Amazon just asked me this yesterday because I quit amazon prime!

I don’t buy much online actually: dog food (it’s so nice to have it delivered to my door instead of making a special trip and lugging the bag around) and the occasional pair of shoes, actually (I have great luck buying shoes online). I would buy toiletries online, but I usually find them cheaper in-store? Also I can add them to my grocery list and buy them at the store.

I will never buy groceries (I like to grocery shop on my schedule and there aren’t grocery delivery services here) or books (I love my local bookstore) online, and I’ll buy clothes online only in specific instances. I have to try pants on, but there are specific cuts of dress I can buy online? I don’t know. I’m very picky about my clothes anyway, and I really don’t clothes shop much.