Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

Camping was great!

I love camping in general, and I’ve spent plenty of money building up my cache of camping gear, so much of the cost of camping is already a sort of sunk cost for me, and I try to camp as often as possible to get my money’s worth.

This go round, we camped at Watson Mill Bridge, which is a state park near where I live. (Usually, we camp at a dispersed camping site further up in the mountains. Dispersed camping is generally free, but I’m in Georgia and that half of the state is kind of on fire right now, so we had to adjust our plans.) This site was a “primitive” site just outside the standard campgrounds (we have to be away from the regular grounds because we bring a lot of dogs and they need some space or they bark constantly) so it was a little more expensive — $35 a night, plus a parking tag for each car, but I’m not sure what my share will be yet. Still waiting on a venmo request.

Anyway, the park was really beautiful, with some great trails and amazing fall foliage, so I think the fee was worth it, plus BATHROOMS so no peeing in the woods this time (thank god, it was so cold)!

I was close to spot on with my grocery estimate — I spent $69 on tofurky dogs, sandwich stuff, some snack bars, paper towels, beer, and a bunch of big jugs of water. Sometimes we do a little bit better with overlapping who brings what, but this time we just all brought what we felt like we might eat and shared. We couldn’t have a fire this trip (burn ordinances because of the drought down here) so we borrowed a portable gas grill and now I’m thinking that’s something I might need to add to my supplies in the future. Definitely nice to have.

As expected, I spent $20 on gas on the way down, and I ended up spending $31 on two meals out on Sunday — a “we just came out of the woods and are starving” trip to Waffle House, and dinner with a friend.

I went to pick up my book club book Sunday night and over spent there too ($65).

Total: $185, plus whatever my share of the campsite and parking pass situation will end up being.

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