Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

Estimate: 155ish

On Friday, My debit card came in the mail!! After work, I went and picked up something off the registry for a “Stock the Bar” wedding shower on Saturday ($32.05). I also stopped by Old Navy to “look at purses” to replace the one that was stolen from my car and ended up leaving with a couple of dresses instead ($81.19). I was planning to see Ghostbusters, but my friend came down with something akin to the flu, so I ordered in (nothing like having a grilled cheese delivered to your house) and spent the evening reading instead. ($23.28).

Saturday I went to the farmer’s market and spent $45 (!!) on bread, eggs, cucumbers and zucchini (the necessary things) as well as some really beautiful flowers and my half of a breakfast pizza from one of the food carts. I picked up some coffee later in the afternoon ($3) and went to the bookstore to get a card for the shower and replace the journal that was in said stolen purse. Of course things spiraled out of control in the bookstore and I spent $88.70. Saturday evening, I went to that shower (free!). I didn’t stay for too long (the shower devolved into a regular party, and I wasn’t drinking) so I got home at about 9. Spent the evening reading again — I’m very into the book I’m reading right now.

Sunday I slept super late. I got groceries ($46.63) and a new purse ($26.74), read for a while, and caught up with my mom on the phone.

Total: 347. I did not do so great with the budget this weekend…..

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