Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Friday Friday!

Because of the weird paycheck thing I was talking about in my estimate last week, cash is pretty tight this weekend.

Tonight, I’ve got a coworker/friend’s surprise birthday dinner. I’m kind of hoping work will pay, but if not, ~$15. (in our office, everyone gets A Thing catered to their personal tastes for their birthday, and the company covers it, for the most part. If it’s something outside of work, attendance isn’t required or anything, but we’re all pretty close, so I would’ve attended this either way.)

Tomorrow is said friend’s actual birthday, and we’re thinking about doing something outside because the weather is going to be in the 70’s this weekend, as opposed to last weekend’s freezing wintry mix situation. Other than that, I’m dog-sitting for my boss, so probably just hanging out with some dogs & reading for my book clubs.

Sunday I have a Writer’s Resist event that I was on the committee for (free) and that’s about it, and Monday, co-workers and I are volunteering to help clean up a community garden (also free).

I also need some auxiliary groceries at some point, so $10–15 for that, and maybe another $10 for a quick meal out and/or coffee. Hopefully, it’s a pretty cheap weekend.

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