Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

How much to I plan to spend this weekend? Hopefully nothing!

Realistically, though?

Tonight, we’ve got an event at the local outpost of chain of restaurants I work for. I’ll probably swing by for supper and show some support. ($8)

Tomorrow my dad will be visiting. We’ll have breakfast (I’m assuming he’ll pay) and putter around town.

Sunday is my last writing workshop. (Maybe $10 if I stop for breakfast on the way. I really shouldn’t but I love a good bagel.) I have bookclub Sunday night (I have not finished the book… this is what I should spend most of the weekend doing) so bonus points if I get in and out of the bookstore without buying anything.

I’ll probably also do some housework and make chili at some point (I have all the stuff already). Should be a pretty pleasant weekend.

Total? I’ll estimate $30 and hope I’m wrong.

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