Monday Check-In
Megan Reynolds

I did not keep it under $100.
I spent $60 at Target and Walmart on Friday. I was looking for pieces for my Halloween costume and next thing you know I was buying new curtains.

Saturday I bought $12 worth of cookies to bring to my boss’s house, as planned. After we watched the football game, we went to the Halloween parade and then a concert — I have no idea how much I spent on drinks. The bar at the venue does that thing where they open your tab and give you your card back and then just close it out with gratuity at the end of the night, and it’s still pending on my account. I took an uber home, which somehow was free. It was a Halloween miracle (thanks paypal?).

I also went to the grocery store twice at different points during the weekend, which was $83 total, and Sunday I got takeout for both meals and didn’t do much else. ($21)

Total, $176 before whatever drinks on Saturday ended up costing. I’m going to guess like $25 — I didn’t drink much, but drinks at that venue are expensive, and I wasn’t inquiring about cost with each one I ordered. So ~$200 total.

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