Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

I guessed I would spend around $120.
Friday my plan was to run out to buy a fancy outfit for fancy lady night. No fancy outfit was achieved, but I did buy a shark costume for my dog. ($14)
Then, I thought we were going to dinner for ladies night, but my sneaky friends threw me a surprise birthday party! 
It was wonderful, and I did not spend the $20 I had predicted.

Saturday I woke up on the couch and we went to brunch. My best friend picked up the check, and then I had to drive to a wedding. $36 for gas, $32 at Target for gift wrap, a card, and a couple of other things, $6 for emergency energy drinks for the drive. I decided to drive back (about an hour and a half) instead of paying to get a hotel room, which was both a great idea and a mistake.

Sunday was gameday, and also my actual birthday. I ran to Walmart in the morning and bought a pair of bolt cutters (long story; $19). A friend of mine bought me brunch, and then I bought a couple of beers ($15.5). We went to dinner (friends paid) and watched the debate.

Overall, a whirlwind weekend, and came in right at my estimate at $122.50.

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