Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

I spent: 
$11 on lunch with coworkers Friday (did not estimate)
$14 on coworker birthday @ a brewery Friday night (estimated $12)
$72 at independent bookstore day Saturday (estimated $40, but got my book club books, and they also had limited edition shirts! need.)
$15 on takeout tacos for lunch Saturday (did not estimate)
$80 at the grocery store Saturday night (very exciting Saturday over here) (estimated $50, didn’t realize how much I was out of)
$20 on gas to drive to Atlanta and see family Sunday (no roads collapsed! and I made very good time) (also: cut back on gas to help account for bookstore over-spending. I estimated filling up my tank for $40, but $20 will be more than enough for the next couple of weeks)

Total: $212 which is over budget…. it’ll be a thrifty week this week to make up for it.

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