Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

It’s Friday, and I’m late!

I’m going to the lake tonight and camping / trout fishing tomorrow. $50 for a grocery store run for all of that (maybe over-estimating, but I’m trying something new, instead of always setting targets I don’t hit…)

Maybe $5 to add a GORP license to my fishing license — I can’t find a straight answer to whether I need that or not.

Sunday I’ll get back into town, go to book club, and maybe go to AthFest (our town’s local 3 day music festival. I’m skipping Friday and Saturday because I’m an elderly curmudgeon but they have cute little booths with art in them during the day, and the bluegrass-y portion happens on Sundays). Another $75 here. (hopefully not, but just in case).

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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