Friday Estimate
Megan Reynolds

I am consistently amazed that we make it to the end of the week every single week, but we have and here we are.


Tonight I’m going to a friend’s going-away party. I should bring them a send-off gift, but I don’t think I’ll have time to run and get something, and probably it will mean more if I mail it to them once they’ve moved their whole life to Portland instead of giving them another thing to pack.

That will be free. We may go to happy hour beforehand, $2 for fizzy soda.

Tomorrow I may go to the farmer’s market ($25) and the dog park ($3). I should do laundry ($6) but probably won’t. I want to get a group together to float down the river but no one is biting so far. $25 if we do that. There’s another friend’s going away party, this one at a brewery. $15 if I decide to drink.

Sunday I’ll meet with my writer friends. It’s supposed to rain, so other than that, probably just hanging out around the house.

Total:I’ll round up to $100 on the high side.

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