Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Weekend! Weekend! This week has been nuts and I am very much looking forward to… at least getting to work at home in my pajamas instead of in the office? This is my busy time of year.

Anyway, today I’ll probably eat lunch with coworkers because I didn’t feel like packing ($10) and then dinner and Ghostbusters with friends tonight ($30).

Tomorrow I’ll go to the farmer’s market ($30). I need to clean, so I’ll hopefully spend the afternoon doing that and reading. I’m thinking about seeing a friend’s show tomorrow night ($10, if I go, which I might not).

Sunday I’ll probably spend most of the day working. I might go to a coffee shop to break up the monotony. ($10) I’m not going to bother with groceries this week, because I’ve worked late every night and dinner has just been whatever is easiest/I can pick up on the way home.

Total: $100ish, but only if I do all the things.

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