Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

We’re going to Asheville this weekend!

Okay, so my friend who is dogsitting will get to town this afternoon. I’ll probably take her to lunch ($30).

No plans tonight… but there is a big sale at this cute clothing boutique I frequent so if I go to that, $50. I also need to fill up the car ($40).

Tomorrow I’ll probably go to the farmer’s market before we leave ($30). I’m paying for the hotel room but a bunch of folks are paying me back, so it will be $43 when that all shakes out (the hotel ended up being kind of expensive for what it was? it was surprising), and I’m not driving but I’ll need to kick in for gas ($15). I’ve budgeted $100 for “food and fun” and am hoping to hit a couple of bookstores while we’re up there and also keep it under budget. We’re going for a friend’s show on Saturday night, so we’ll do that and I’ll have a beer or two there.

Sunday we’ll head home. An old friend is in town for his birthday so I’ll try to meet up with him. $20 if we go somewhere to meet.

$350 on the high side? and then I’m going to be a hermit and not do any traveling for a while.