Every Book I’ve Read Since the Election
Nicole Dieker

WHAT there’s a Leverage book series??

I look to books to explain things that are bigger than I can understand, but also as an escape, and I’ve been very torn about whether I’d like to pick at the metaphorical scab and try to grapple with how I feel about the news by reading things that explain, or whether it’s still a little too raw and maybe I need to read something that takes me to a completely other planet. I don’t know the answer, so I’ve been reading Tana French, and some stuff for my book clubs.

Anyway, the Ferrante books are great, and if you like them you should check out some of her shorter novellas. I’ve got her new essays in the to-read pile.

I really like Nell Zink as a compliment to Ferrante — not because I always love her books but damn she is weird (both her writing and her interviews), and it’s interesting to think about her persona as a [female] writer next to Ferrante, who basically wants to be erased from her own writing.

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