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This is a beautifully written piece, but I believe in parts misconceived.

Olive Schreiner who lived among Afrikaners in 187o wrote that it would have been impossible for her to eat sugar that had been touched by a Boer child, or “to sleep between the sheets a Dutchman had slept between.”

She went on to lament that it was not fair for God to have made the English so much better than other nations.

More than 30 years ago Steve Biko wrote “While it may be relevant now to talk about black in relation to white, we must not make this our preoccupation, for it can be a negative exercise. As we proceed further towards the achievement of our goals let us talk more about ourselves and our struggle and less about whites.”

Part of his argument was I believe that dignity is not given by others, it is constructed.

Rather than you offering a critique of an ideology I feel the reverse is true. You are beholden to one and building it out more. An ideology which is not firmly rooted in our countries history.

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