I Wish You Did

You didn’t tell me that you love me, when I needed your vocal commitment to our love.
You didn’t hold my hand, when I needed your guidance.
You didn’t make me stop wonder, when my mind was aching from thinking too much.
You didn’t come to my therapy session, when I needed you to help me heal.
You didn’t stand by my side, when I made a step forward.
You didn’t pick up the phone, when I was trying to find you.
You didn’t come to her funeral, because you didn’t know I was going.
You didn’t hear me cry, because you were not listening.
You didn’t see me laugh, because you were not looking.
You didn´t talk to me, because you liked it when I had to wonder.
You didn’t like love, because you haven´t learned to embrace it.
You didn’t believe in my dreams, because you stopped dreaming.
You didn’t love me, because you’re gone.