Highlighted by Pavol Luptak

What do I mean by “move on”? All across the western world, highly charged debates, political conflict, legal battles have been waged over “gay marriage”. It is clear that there are great differences of belief in what marriage is, but I think it is better to get to the point, which is that in a totalitarian democracy like Slovakia and most of the rest of the western world, issues that really should be live-and-let-live instead are turned in to life-or-death situations by both right and left wing progressives (an ideology which comes from American pietist religious movement of the 19th century), who wish to force their utopias on everyone else through the violence of the state, both in extracting wealth from others to support their ways of life (taxation) or even to imprisoning those who who think and live differently and don’t wish to be forced in to involuntary cooperation with others. This is really the core of the problem, not whether two men can call their living and sex arrangement a marriage, but rather what supposed “rights” they can have over those who think such an arrangement is absurd. At the same time, certainly homosexuals find it blatantly unfair, that those living in a registered sexual relationship with someone of the opposite sex are granted some special privileges. And of course, they live in the shadow of laws that not too many decades criminalized their sexual behavior, so all the more reason to push ahead in promoting their idea of normal, as a way to be certain that they won’t be getting thrown in to jail.