Learning to Code : The Seven Kerfuffles Of Online Tutorials
Krystyna Ewing

Honestly this makes so much sense. I’ve been looking at tutorials and things, and I know better than to shell out money for them and boot camps, because they aren’t teaching me. Not even the free ones. Basics get sorted out, but like you said I don’t necessarily know how to apply them. I don’t know what node is. I don’t know how Jasmine works or what it’s for. GitHub is too advanced. So, I just try to read and use a little. I guess experience with other things has taught me when there are an overload of tutorials for popular things they really aren’t meant to give you all the tools to get where the person who made them are. That info is coveted. It’s how you end up with hours of tutorials under your belt and nothing to put in a portfolio that you actually did. Coding is researching and getting real help where you can. I’ve only been at this for three days and I already know. Great read!

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